Above the Fray

Friday, October 14, 2005

Best Metaphor of the Week Category

I have a collection of 'astounding quotes' from Pppundits. Some day I will post them, but that is for another time.

Hands down, the terse summary [bold face] is one of the best examples of 'clear, concise, complete' LOL [notice that I did not say accurate!]

...While McInturff thinks that Bush’s approval rating actually may actually hover between 40 and 45 percent, he says that’s still problematic terrain from which to govern. 'It is a very difficult place to be.'

And he's the Republican half of the polling team. Peter Hart, on the other hand, thinks Shrub is really fucked:
'His trampoline [is] made of cement', Hart said.

Whiskey Bar: With Paid Hirelings Like These . . .

Friday, October 07, 2005

Supremes in Conflict

Progressive Review POCKET PARADIGM:

"If the Supreme Court is going to take up the issue of the morality of euthanasia, then more than a few of its members should recuse themselves for conflict of interest - Sam Smith"

Interesting point..LOL